2016 Video Update Links

Here are links to my 2016 Video Updates! Enjoy 🙂

February 2016 Update Video

August 2016 Update Video

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2016 Email Update Links

Here are links to my 2016 Email Updates! Enjoy!

February 2016 Email Update

June 2016 Email Update

August 2016 Email Update


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Link to 2015 Email Updates

Here are the links for my 2015 email updates that I sent out! If you don’t receive them please drop me any email and I would be happy to add you to my list – I send them out no more than once a month.

December 2015 Email Update

November 2015 Email Update

September 2015 Email Update

June 2015 Email Update

April 2015 Email Update

January 2015 Email Update

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Links to 2015 Video Updates

Over the past year I have been able to do a few video updates! This has been a little nerve wracking but also exciting to me. It is very strange to see yourself on video! Thankfully I am starting to get use to it.

These videos are made possible because of Randy Turner who is To Every Tribe‘s Videographer & Production Developer. Thank you Randy!

September 2015 Video Update

April 2015 Video Update

January 2015 Video Update

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Links to 2015 Pictures

If you would like to see my 2015 pictures I have posted them on Flickr. You can click on the following links to view them. Enjoy 🙂

January 2015

February 2015

March 2015

April 2015

May 2015

June 2015

July 2015

August 2015

September 2015

October 2015

November 2015 – coming soon

December 2015


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Compassion Volunteer 

I had the opportunity to Volunteer at he Compassion table at a concert recently. The concert was held at the Livestock Grounds. I went with another To Every Tribe Lady. It was a lot of fun.

Through Compassion you can sponsor a child in another country. Sponsorship helps provide food, clothing, medical and spiritual care for children in needy areas.  For more information you can click here to visit Compassion’s Website.

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Car Shopping

After being rear ended at the end of September I finally settled with the insurance company. And then began the serious car shopping. This post is meant to be mostly humorous but I would still appreciate your prayers and I am still looking for a car (update I purchased a car at the end of October). If you want to read more about the accident you can check out this blog post 🙂

I started casually looking for a car probably about the day after my accident. And let me tell you looking for a car is no joke. My first car purchase (2003) was pretty easy – my Dad helped me (thank you Dad), and my second car was given to me (thank you so much!!), this car has definitely taught me a lot. My Dad and many others gave me a lot of advice about buying a car. Thank you!

First I think I should mention that Spanish is probably the predominate language here. I honestly don’t mind. I’ve grown use to it and even though I don’t speak very much Spanish it is normal for me to hear it. To be honest I’m so use to it it feels almost overwhelming when I go back to Michigan and understand everything when shopping – that is no longer ‘normal’ for me.

So a few funny things (also occasionally frustrating) that have happened while I’ve been car shopping. Some of these have to do with where I live, other things happen just because, and other things because I’m a woman out shopping for cars (mostly by myself).

  • one man thought my name was Dixie… not even kidding… was it the blonde hair?
  • my GPS tried to take me to Mexico when looking for an address… so funny… and I didn’t have my passport… thankfully I realized it and didn’t end up in Mexico.
  • called on a car and the man asked me if I was old enough to have a drivers license he then apologized profusely when I told him my age… I thought it was funny and didn’t mind… but the poor man felt really bad.
  • one man tried to sell me a car telling me it was great… I could tell by the sounds the car was making it wasn’t great and the front drivers side CV joint needed to be replaced.
  • stopped to look at a car and the only person there only spoke Spanish.
  • one man told me he was going to break my heart… when I asked him about a car… he assumed I couldn’t drive a stick shift… to his surprise I could!

This (below) is not the car I purchased. It is just one of the ones I looked at. You’ll have to wait until later to hear about my new (to me) car.

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